Musketeer Beard Brown

Item #: 26090

Musketeer Beard Brown

Chic and classy as D'Artagnan

The Musketeer beard in brown helps you through the quick and easy conversion into another character.The facial hair of a person can decisively contribute to emphasize the personality of a character or represent a time period of Bart fashion.Create now with the realistic-looking beard Set a unique character and inspire so on the next costume party or on stage.

The glamorous Musketeer Beard Brown is simply glued to the rear-mounted medical plaster sheet on the skin.The generally well-tolerated patch foil makes at your elegant beard Set for a good fit.The super realistic looking mustache with goatee made of soft and very dense synthetic hair can be with double-sided tape or Mastix spirit gum small repeatedly use.The Schnautzbart has an overall width of about9cm and is approx. in the middle1.5cm long.The Bart ends ca.4.5cm long.The beard is ca.1.5cm wide and about3cm long.You can style your hair with water or hair wax and cut with scissors to any D'Artagnan beard.Order you now the great-looking false Musketeer Beard Brown for sticking.

  • Delivery: 1x Musketeer Beard Brown
  • color : brown
  • size : Ca.9cm wide, ca.1.5cm long, about the beard ends4.5cm long
  • material 100% synthetic hair
  • Beard for easy sticking to the skin
Note: This item is a fancy dress accessory for adults.It is not a toy.Keep away from open flames.Not Heat-resistant, so do not treat with straighteners or curling iron
Caution: As with any decorative cosmetics can cause allergic skin reactions in sensitive individuals.Therefore, it is recommended that is made prior to use of the product, a test in the elbow to exclude any allergic reactions.Please get the product applied on a small area of ​​the elbow, and ca.Leave on for 30-60 minutes.If an allergic skin reaction occur, it is not recommended to use the product.,