Zelda Master Sword

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Zelda Master Sword

Link's sword from the Legend of Zelda as Cosplay Weapon

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.- One of the most famous phrases of gaming history of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda.With our high quality Zelda Master Sword you're exactly we prepared the hero Link for dangerous adventure!

The Zelda Master Sword is based on the original from the Zelda games in every respect.The quality Cosplay Sword has the classic blue handle and comes in a beautifully decorated scabbard made of plastic.The Golden Triforce symbol emblazoned in the middle of the turquoise-golden scabbard.

delivery 1x Zelda Master Sword

  • content 1x sword scabbard 1x
  • color : Blue, silver, turquoise, gold
  • material : plastic
  • size : Ca.70cm
  • class workmanship
  • Original licensed product from the Legend of Zelda