Samurai and Ninja Sword

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Samurai and Ninja Sword

The Samurai and Ninja Sword, also called Katana, is the most favorite weapon of the Japanese swordsman.

The Samurai and Ninja sword is the preferred weapon of the Japanese sword and guerrilla fighters.The Japanese sword called Katana, a saber is not dissimilar.However, the Asian cut and thrust weapon is superior to gewöhnlichne saber high.This carnival weapon is reproduced this legendary weapon from Japanese blacksmithing and complementary ideal your Samurai costume or your Ninja costume.

Since the toy gun is only made of plastic, this is not dangerous and you can also at Carnival carefree carry the toy sword around with you.Fill in the Samurai Costume Blue and the Ninja Fighter Kids Costume brown M simply with the appropriate Japanese longsword plastic.

  • Delivery: 1 x Samurai and Ninja Sword
  • Color: Black silver
  • Length: approx. 78 cm
  • Material: plastic