Dracula Sword

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Dracula Sword

Add the finishing touch to your count Dracula costume with this costume accessory!

The name of the vampire Count Dracula in Bram Stoker's novel Dracula was inspired by Vlad III's patronymic Draculea.  Vlad III gained notoriety for his campaigning against the Ottoman Empire and for impalement being his preferred method of torture and execution. Back in those days the sword was a characteristic weapon, so our Dracula Sword is an important accessory for your Dracula costume. 

The toy weapon is made of plastic, so despite its 83 cm length it feels very light. The grip is furrowed and comfortable to handle. The pommel has the shape of a panther head with a crown. The impressive sword also features a decorative, wide rain guard. The Dracula Sword is a cool accessory to match the Vampire Child Costume and with our Vampire Make Up Kit you will turn yourself into an authentic vampire, as creepy as the original!

Material: plastic
Total length: approx. 83 cm
Warning: Do not use to hit persons or animals! Risk of injury!