Bow and Arrow Set

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Bow and Arrow Set

Aim and strike like Robin hood with this longbow and quiver with arrows!

Archers were highly respected in medieval times. Their fast and precise shooting skills were of great value in battles. Often skilled archers were the protagonists of legends and fairytales. The most famous of them is Robin Hood. Naturally we also know the elf with the longbow who assists his friends in the search of a precious ring. Now you can test your archery skills with our cool Bow and Arrow Set.

The high-quality bow made of real wood is rather light and features a comfortable grip. In order to protect you rhands from abrasions, the grip is covered with soft cloth. The quiver made of stylish faux suede matches the look of the bow. The three included arrows are made of sturdy plastic an match the colour of the quiver. If you are looking for an outfit to wear with your Bow and Arrow Set, we recommend our Archer Costume .

  • Includes: bow, quiver, 3 arrows
  • Size: length of bow: approx. 148 cm; length of arrow: approx. 78 cm; length of quiver: approx. 54 cm; bottom width of quiver: approx. 7 cm; top width of quiver: approx. 9 cm
  • Material: bow: wood, quiver: 100% polyester, arrows: plastic