Knife Through Head "The Walking Dead"

Item #: 19013

Knife Through Head "The Walking Dead"

Turn yourself into an undead creature with this Knife Through your Head!

Looks like somebody has driven this Knife Through your Head toput an end to your undead existence. Unfortunately hemust have missed a part of your brain and so now you just walk about with the bloody knife in your head. After all this officially licensed "The Walking Dead" accessory looks perfect with your zombie costume and makeup!

With this kitchen knife Halloween headdress you will be the star of any zombie party. The Knife Through Head is made of plastic and comes attached to a black headband. The silver-coloured, bloodstained blade can be pepped up with some Blood Gel / Blood Gel 30ml and  Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml . Even the "wounds" from the knife blade will look a lot more authentic with some theatrical blood. The knife is approx. 40 cm long so it is about as long as a big kitchen knife.

  • Includes: 1 Knife Through Head "The Walking Dead"
  • Length: approx. 40 cm
  • Material: plastic