Halloween Cap with Butcher Knife

Item #: 18237

Halloween Cap with Butcher Knife

Cap with bloody knife apparently pierced through the head

This Halloween cap with butcher knives you've got a really creepy horror Basecap.The bloody cap is covered with a plastic knife, which looks as if it was stuck to the carrier this Halloween hat in the head.is underlined the effect of this bloody hat with artificial blood to the alleged head wound.By Halloween cap with butcher knife you schockst not only on Halloween events, but everywhere you turn up with the horror hat.

Here in our Horror Shop you expect many more Halloween Hats and horror accessories such as the right Halloween Cap with Meat Cleaver and our Halloween Cap with Axe That make just like the Halloween Cap with Butcher knives seem as if you were seriously injured and had a bloody knife in his head stuck.

  • Dimensions: the diameter is about30 cm long
  • Material: Polyester and plastic