Coachman satin cylinder

Item #: 8801959

Coachman satin cylinder

A good coachman wearing a black cylinder

A driver or cab, as it is called in Austria, always wearing a black cylinder with its work.Even with coach driver competitions you always see the coachman with the classic tall hat.At a costume such as a chimney sweep, a magician or a capitalist, the cylinder is well-timed.

The coachman satin cylinder is made of stiff cardboard with a reference of a satin-like shiny fabric.He has a thin black hatband of black satin, which ends back in a loop.It also fits perfectly with the Mens Frack black , Plus a Classic Magician wand and a pair Gloves white Deluxe and the vaudeville magician is perfect.

  • Scope of delivery : 1 x coachman satin cylinder
  • Material : Carton, 100% polyester
  • Color Black
  • Mass Height about14 cm, length about30 cm, width about27 cm