Pirate Hook

Item #: 8800122

Pirate Hook

Captain Hook is the archetype of all evil pirates!

Pirates rule the seas and fight a lot of fierce batlles. So in the heat of the moment, it can easily happen that one loses his hand.

We may not be able to provide expert opinion in the field of orthopaedy, but at least we can help mutilated pirates and replace lost hands with hooks. With our Pirate Hook you might lack a bit in dexterity, but  you can slash your enemies in the blink of an eye, instead. The Pirate Hook is an essential costume accessory for your Captain Hook Halloween or carnival outfit.  A dangerous pirate also needs a Satin Pirate Eye Patch with Earring and a Golden Pirate Gun With Effect .The Pirate Hook is made of plastic with black cloth.

Material: plastic