Leprechaun Boots Latex

Item #: 13797

Leprechaun Boots Latex

Very used Hobo feet of a troll as a costume accessory

Great Goblin boots latex in order to drive like an evil troll on the loose.The leprechaun is actually a protective spirit house, but its people like to tease, but without causing any damage.The leprechaun is in fairy tales and legends again and again as little dwarf described the oversized feet has.

The huge abgelatschten Kobold boots made of latex, from which the front looking out two big dirty feet, are simply worn over your own shoes.With the extraordinary and striking Kobold boots made of latex you achieve a cracking effect! The goblin boots are also characters like giants or as Rachid cylinder suitable.Witty are also the Clown Shoes Black / Red from our offer.

  • Material : Latex, Juteseil, rubber bands