Gorilla Hands Black

Item #: 10083

Gorilla Hands Black

Black monkey paws as Gorilla Gloves

The gorilla hands are black an absolute hit at various Halloween and carnival costumes and Jello extravanten Gorilla and Monkey Suit the finishing touches. King Kong would be envious of the genius gorilla hands black.The monkey hands impress with their lifelike shape and sewn fake fur.

With the great black gorilla hands as monkeys gloves you are on Halloween and carnival parties and costume and theme parties you are the total Renner.Various Halloween items, check out our Horror Shop, such.B.the King Kong Gorilla Costume Deluxe and the Bigfoot Feet Black ,

  • Delivery: 1 pair Gorilla Hands
  • Size: adult
  • Material: 100% polyester, synthetic fur made from acrylic fibers