Space sunglasses red

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Space sunglasses red

The spacey alien spectacle you will become fearless Space Knights

They populate the vastness of the galaxy and whiz with their spaceships through the expanses of space.Aliens are alien life forms that react differently upon contact with the people.Most the strange creatures come in peace.With the Space glasses in red, you're going to gigantic space cowboy and fly in giant saucers through space.

The red Space glasses in the form of two Alien Eye is an eye-catcher on your spaced-out bachelor party or to outer space and alien themed parties.To your Alien sunglasses to give an even abgefahreneren Look, you could the Bodysuit silver combine perfectly

Product information:
  • Delivery: Space sunglasses red
  • Measurements: Width: approx13 cm -Bügellänge: ca.11 cm
  • Red color