Walking Stick Horned Skull

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Walking Stick Horned Skull

The satanic priest is brandishing his walking stick with horned skull to curse you all!

His right foot was crippled during a ritual and now Lucifer's highpriest is limping just like his demonic master. To show him respect, his disciples gave him this heavy walking stick with silver-coloured, horned skull. Now he uses the cane to bash in the heads of those who question his power.

You need a bit of strength to brandish this walking stick. The silver-coloured, horned skull is very comfortable to hold. Just like the black varnished stem of the cane, the pommel is made of metal. The dark grey, Celtic style ferrule of the cane is made of plastic. To guarantee a comfortable feeling when using the walking stick, the bottom end is covered with a rounded piece of rubber.  This fine cane adds the finishing touch to our Cemetery watchman Premium Costume, the Count Noble Vampire Costume or the Skull Priest Costume .

Product information
  • Material: metal, plastic, rubber
  • Colour: black, silver
  • Length: approx. 87 cm
  • Skull: height approx. 7,5 cm, width 6 cm, length 6,5 cm