Slimy Eyeball Ring

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Slimy Eyeball Ring

This cool ring is a great welcome gift or raffle prize for your Halloween party

The rolling eye ring is an absolutely great Halloween accessory! The ring is made of slimy rubber and features a rolling eye instead of a gem. The Slimy Eyeball Ring is a truly eye-catching piece of jewellery guaranteed to cause a lot of attention and laughter.

The slimy rubber ring features an eye ball floating in some sort  of liquid. The eye keeps moving trying constantly to look upwards. The ring comes in three different colours:  pink with a blue human eye, green with a black snake eye and black with a green monster eye. If you prefer a certain ring colour we will try and oblige your wishes but, for logistic reasons, can not furnish a guarantee that you will receive the requested colour. The Slimy Horror Eye , the Skewered Witch Eye Blue and the Eyeball Haargummis are cool eyeball accessories, too.

  • Includes: 1x Slimy Eyeball Ring
  • Material: rubber, plastic
  • Colour ring/ eye: pink/blue, black/green, green/black
  • Please note: For logistic reasons the ring colour can not be chosen!