Marabou Feather Trim Black

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Marabou Feather Trim Black

A beautiful Marabou Feather Trim to pimp your wardrobe!

If you are planning to wear a completely personalized costume at the next fancy dress party, here's an easy way to pep up your outfit!

The Marabou Feather Trim Black is an ideal accessory to pep up and personalize any costume. There are lots of off-the-shelf fancy dress outfits and there's nothing worse than going to a carnival party and seeing a woman wear the same costume. Just redesign your costume and sew, glue or tie the black marabou trim onto it. You will be the only one wearing a personalized costume. 
The black feather trim is approx. 1 m long.
Let your imagination run wild and use more accessories to pimp your costume! How about the Fairy Wings Pink and a Gold Shiny pilots badge ?

Contains: 1 Marabou Feather Trim Black
Material: marabou feathers