Hand and foot shackles

Item #: 14383

Hand and foot shackles

Cuffs made of plastic for your convict or Fetish Costume

Whether you now want to equip them with the hand and foot shackles your fetish or prisoner costume or you want to minimize your appearance as escaped convicts even more realistic, hand and ankle cuffs are the perfect costume accessory if it is to get a bit rough.The black, realistic-looking cuffs are a combination of hand foot and head clamps, which are interconnected with link chains made of soft plastic.

The absolutely harmless hand and foot cuffs are made of soft and light Kunstsoff and a costume accessory for many characters and events.In combination with the US Prisoner Costume is your Halloween costume as a chained prisoner completely.

1 x Hand and ankle cuffs

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Super to each prisoner costume