Halloween Felt Bag Orange

Item #: 19195

Halloween Felt Bag Orange

The perfect trick or treating accessory for all Halloween fans with a fashion sense!

On Halloween, all kids love to wear fatastic costumes to roam the streets in order to scare people and collect sweets. Those who don't give any candy when asked "Trick or Treat" have to blame themselves if the mini monsters play them a trick. Kids can use a simple plastic bag to collect their sweet loot, but serious Halloween fans will certainly prefer the style of an orange felt bag!

The Halloween Felt Bag Orange is approx. 30,5 cm wide and 34,5 cm long, so it offers enough room for a big amount of Halloween candy. This great orange felt bag features the words "Trick or Treat" stitzched on the front. With this cool trick or treat bag and an eye-catching Halloween costume you are guaranteed to get lots of sweets!

Material: felt

Dimensions: approx. 30,5 cm wide, approx. 34,5 cm long (without handles)