Greek Spear

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Greek Spear


When Leonidas lead his 300 Spartiates to war against 100.000 Persians, all of them carried a spear and a buckler.  A Spartan citizen was only considered a man when he was able to fight with a lance. They had military training from their childhood days on and grew to become the most dreaded fighters of all Greece. And even though they could not win the war against the Persians and their leader Xerxes, their implacable fighting spirit went down in history.

The Greek Spear is a great accessory for all kinds of warrior costumes. The lance consists of five pieces. It can be taken apart for easy transport and storage. The light-weight shaft is made of smooth black plastic while the head is silver coloured and features the dents that are characteristic for this type of antique weapon. If you are looking for a fancy dress outfit to match your Greek Spear, we recommend the Warrior Warrior Premium Costume and the Roman Helmet Latex

  • Material: plastic
  • Colour: black, silver
  • Size: total length approx. 146 cm, length of head approx. 25 cm, width of head at bottom approx. 10 cm, width of head at top approx. 1,5 cm, haft length approx. 121 cm, haft diameter approx. 2 cm