Golden Earrings with Three Hoops

Item #: 8800205

Golden Earrings with Three Hoops

Wear beautiful earrings without needing to get your ears pierced!

Stylish earrings are an essential accessory for any elegant outfit. You do not need to have pierced ears to wear these earrings and you can be sure that they will add the finishingtouch to your outfit. The golden clip on earrings match carnival costumes as well as elegant evening dresses.

These clip on earrings are the perfect accessory to pep up your fancy dress costume with beautiful gold jewellery! The golden earrings are to be clipped onto your ear lobes, so you don't need to have pierced ears. The clip is shaped like a shell and has three different-sized hoops attached. The biggest hoop is approx. 4,5 cm in diameter. Match our Golden Earrings with Three Hoops with the mysterious Harem Dancer Costume M or turn yourself into a goddess and match the ear clips with our Greek Goddess Aphrodite M !

Includes: 2 earrings

Material: metal