Genuine Ostrich Feather Green

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Genuine Ostrich Feather Green

It is so green in ostrich costume

The ostrich does not fly, he runs, but it is impressive. It can reach up to 70 km / h on the steppe ground. He does not need his feathers to fly, and when running, they surely act like a brake parachute, but they are perfect for chasing hens. The feathers are so beautiful that man has used them since the antiquity as jewelry.

The true ostrich feather was originally from the white part of the ostrich plumage and was dyed green. It is up to fifty centimeters long and wonderfully soft. The feather can be used to upgrade traditional costumes, because the ostrich feather as a hat has long been a status symbol. Matching costumes would be there, for example Harem Dancer Costume M , the Venetian Mask Jolly Ladies Mask Green/Gold Or the older one Damsel Costume green gold , The ostrich feather is also available in other colors: Genuine ostrich feather black . Genuine ostrich feather red . Genuine ostrich feather yellow and Genuine ostrich feather blue ,

  • material : Real feather
  • Colour : Green
  • Dimensions : Length approx. 50 cm, width approx. 20 cm