Corset Black

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Ladies size
  • M / 38  
  • L / 40 

Corset Black

This sexy black corset makes for a fantastic top for all kinds of carnival costumes.

The corset is a tight strapless garment worn to hold and shape the torso into a desired shape. Many corsets feature metal boning in order to make the garment more rigid, so shoulder straps to hold the top in place are not necessary. The boning also makes it possible to wear the corset without a bra.

The corset features a hook and eye fastening at the front and lacing at the back to guarantee comfortable fit. Six metal bones will hold your body in shape. This plain black corset is a sexy garment that can be worn with many different kinds of fancy dress costumes. E.g. match this carnival corset with our Mourning Widow's Cloak and the Black Widow Wig for a sexy black widow costume!

Material: 100 % polyester