Buccaneer Eye Patch Satin

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Buccaneer Eye Patch Satin

This black eye patch turns you into a real pirate

It is a known fact that pirates used to wear eye patches to get the uncovered eye to light and the covered one to darkness. If a pirate had to go below in a hurry, the patch was put onto the uncovered eye, so no precious time was lost to get the eyes used to darkness. You can try it out yourself with this buccaneer eye patch! Cover one eye and stay in a bright place for a few minutes, then go down to the dark cellar and take the eye patch off.

The freebooter eye patch matches pirate costumes for women and men. A guaranteeedd eye-catcher in the truest sense of the word! Create a perfect pirate look with more buccaneer accessories, such as the Pirate Set with Pirate teeth , the Caribbean Pirate Complete Set and our the Daring Pirate Costume XL and rock the boat at any carnival or theme party!

  • Material: 100% Polyester

Please note: not suitable for children under the age of 3!