Bloody Butcher Apron

Item #: 19076

Bloody Butcher Apron

This invitation for dinner obviously had a double meaning.

Our butcher was in the mood for some nice minced meat and invited some goodlooking neighbour over for dinner. What she didn't know was that she was supposed to be this dinner. With our Bloody Butcher Apron you can turn yourself into a greedy killer!

The white apron is mainly made of vinyl and completely covered with blood. This bloodied Halloween accessory features a jagged hemline. A one size costume for adults. Match this gory apron with a Butcher Knife Butcher Knife and a Bloody Metzgerbeil and scare the living daylights out of your neighbourhood!

Material: 92 % vinyl, 5 % cotton , 3 % polyester

Size: 92 x 57 cm, one size adults