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Looking for a new movie hit like TWILIGHT has now THE CHRONICLES OF UNDERWORLD - CITY OF BONES found a young-adult novel series, which already has a good number of titles, making it ideal for a movie franchise. In keeping with the film's release on 29 August 2013, we are giving away 3 great movie pacts with 3x 1 book to film, 3x 1 movie poster of the Mortal Instruments!

City of Bones - the new Twilight? ?

The history

CHRONICLES OF UNDERWORLD - CITY OF BONES tells the story of young Clary who finds out at the beginning of FIlms that they belonged to a generations-old family of shadow hunters. The Shadow Hunters are a secret society of half-angel warriors who fight for saving our world from the terrible demons. After her mother disappears mysteriously located Clary includes a group of shadow hunters, which the New York show her a parallel world - full of terrible demons, sorcerers fantastic, bloodthirsty werewolves, vampires and other deadly creatures. Together with the shadow hunters Jace, Alec and Isabelle Clary makes the search for her mother.

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Contest to "City of Bones":

All you have to do your to one of 3 fan packages to win is to answer the following question correctly:

Whom seek Clary and the Shadowhunter?

a) After the Goblet of Angels
b) After Clarys mother
c) After Clarys father

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