Costumes and accessories to the CSD and Gay Pride

CSD Parade / Christopher Street Day / Gay Pride

Every year in summer from June to August nationwide and in most neighboring countries of Christopher Street Day, named CSD, instead. At almost every weekend, thousands of hundreds of thousands of participants gather to partially for CSD parade to enter their city with the Christopher Street Day for the equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and to demonstrate it.

The origin of the Christopher Street Day / CSD

Gay Pride ParadeChristopher Street Day Parade

The origin of the Christopher Street Day took place in New York in 1969 and was the reaction of gays on the aggressive and brutal police violence. In the former gay district Greenwich Village, it always came back to extremely bloody raids by the state authority, which then propagated bars and Local controlled, which were attended by homosexuals. On 28 June 1969, the bar Stonewall was raided violent by the police, which led to strong protests of visitors. The confrontation with the police, and the resulting street fighting, stopped for days and were the birth of Christopher Street Day, the present CSD`s. Since then, New York celebrates every year on the last Saturday in June the Christopher Street Day, making it hosts one of the largest gay pride parades across the country.

CSD Parade in Germany

The first Gay Pride demonstrations by gays and lesbians, there were in 1972 and then directed mainly against Paragraph § 175, which dated from the time of National Socialism and presented sexual activity between persons of the male sex is punishable. While the former GDR paragraphs 1968 replacement dash, the Federal Republic was still two decades firmly to the wording of § 175th

The first CSD demonstrations under the name Christopher Street Day and his model from the United States found then place in 1979. Various groups around the gay and lesbian life mostly fought the right to a Christopher Street Day demonstration in their city. However, the partially violent opposition from citizens' groups and the Catholic Church against the Christopher Street Day, encouraged more and more gays and lesbians in their city to show the flag. As flag and flag the colorful rainbow flag of the artist Gilbert Baker in 1978 for the Christopher Street Day selected. The many bright colors of the rainbow are to demonstrate pride, the diversity of sexuality and diverse lifestyles. In contrast to the rainbow flag of peace movement PAC of "gay rainbow" of Christopher Street Day is ranked differently and has only six colors rather than seven.


CSD Parade

The held in many cities Christopher Street Day parade today is not pure, monotonous political demonstration more, but the CSD shows the colorful variety of groups, associations and organizations, which develop from the won freedom for gays, life, bisexual and transgender could. On the colorful CSD parade in Cologne, one of the biggest Christopher Street Day events nationwide, partly to show more than 140 different groups in a kilometer long CSD parade, what moves you, inspires or sad right. Hundreds of thousands of contributors and viewers make the CSD parade today for huge party for all the tolerant people and promote peaceful coexistence. The biggest Christopher Street Day participants reached Cologne with about 1.2 million people to the Euro Pride in 2002 and was thus more visitors recorded as the Rose Monday parade in Carnival.

Great diversity in the CSD

The CSD parade is now mostly open world with a motorcycle Corso and led by lesbians and gay men in biker or leathers. All the CSD parade shimmers in a thousand colors and a variety of costumes and garments. Ranging from flashy and colorful costumed transvestites on-haired men, so-called bear up to the gay football team is as good as anything represented. Since the lesbian Garden owner strikes the gay firefighter while making bisexual teachers receive specific gay and lesbian religious communities on the way to the CSD Parade. Not to forget is the Christopher Street Day, the large number of political, sports and cultural groups which all show that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in all walks of life at home. The CSD parade is as colorful as real life.

criticized by many as the second carnival parade, precisely because loved by others, is the Christopher Street Day and the CSD Parade a colorful mix of political demonstration and pure joy that reminds us of the Love Parade. A sea of ​​rainbow flags and rainbow garlands adorn the city and the myriad of car CSD Parade. Hundreds of men and women in a variety of costumes reminiscent of the carnival in Brazil and the legendary costumes of Abba to the Village People. There is hardly a cliché that can not be found at the CSD, but also always the complete opposite to what the CSD so compelling. Celebration also you in your city the CSD Parade and the Christopher Street Day and demonstrate tolerance and a common cooperation.