Carnival make-up tips from

This year's carnival approaches its peak. On the numerous events the teams, relocations and private parties exceptional Costumes and disguises are again seen. This also you can apply for a costume party or event the appropriate make-up, we have put together a great make-up tips for you.

Enjoy the great days with our make-up tips

In order for the costume gets the finishing touches on carnival, the makeup of the face is critical. If you are traveling as a witch, vampire or as a prince or princess in the great days, you need to put on the face particular attention to the right colors. With the accessories from the makeup drawer is therefore usually not done at Mardi Gras. The used daily makeup does not have enough coverage and is great for the day also far too expensive.

Professional theater or film Liner has high hiding power and easy to apply with a sponge easily. Just as easily, the make-up is to remove. Lukewarm water, soap and a sponge are sufficient to completely. An easier way to solve stage make-up, if you eincremst the face with a rich day cream before applying the paint.

Our make-up sets you can learn fear of Carnival your friends

Among the special make-up tips include numerous sets and kits that contain, in addition to matching colors additionally accessories that can be fixed with special adhesive on the face. Within a few minutes you can easily in a fearsome devil, turn a man-eating zombie or a bloodsucking vampire. The adhesives hold very well and do not damage the facial skin.

Nevertheless, you should try if you are allergic to the ingredients. With a remover, soap and warm water can be the glued parts easy to remove. If you are interested in more makeup tips you may look at the videos on our Youtube channel.

Children with the right makeup to cats, vampires or pirate

Also for the makeup of the children lipsticks, powder or eyeshadow from make-up drawer are not suitable. Children love to rub the face and take sometimes the finger in his mouth. The face paints for children from our store are not harmful. Liner water-based can be easily applied with a sponge and just as easily removed again from the face.

The make-up tips provided as a video you can apply of course also for your children. Since many children, however, do not like to keep quiet, the make-up time should not take too long. Especially children dressed for Carnival as pirates, cats or witches are obtained with a few strokes of color and blush an authentic look.

Recently we have a video for you which provides you also interesting Schmick tips
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