Zombie Makeup

makeup zombie makeup & Zombie special makeup effects itself is not so difficult with our Zombie Makeup! Zombie Zombie wounds & blood for your Halloween makeup and Zombie Walk. Huge selection of zombie makeup for makeup artists

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Zombie Makeup

Zombie makeup as must for Halloween & Zombie Walk

Ever since The Walking Dead captured the TV stations worldwide is zombie makeup back in fashion. makeup As Undead Zombie strip since Halloween and the Zombie Walk thousands of horror fans around the houses and scare by their bloody looks innocent bystanders, feel free gruselnde Halloween partygoers and amateur filmmakers. The right zombie make-up such as the Zip wound helps you with fancy special effects, Bottle of Blood Fake Blood and Zombie Contact Lenses White So look, as in the famous horror movies is Hollywood actor possible.

Zombie makeup makeup itself made easy

To myself putting on makeup as a zombie, there is a wide range of special make-up effects of the amateur and amateur make-up artists as well, can be as used by professional makeup artists. With Foam Latex Appliances . Liquid Latex Skin Color / Flesh 60ml . Stage Blood and Blood Gel / Blood Gel 30ml can conjure excellent makeup effects. With a little imagination and a few zombie photos as display material can be quickly Zombie wounds and the typical zombie created look.

Latex applications as Zombie special makeup effect

The simplest solution is a creepy 3D Tattoo Decaying Zombie to wear it with a Mastic And Remover Pro to stick to the desired skin site and then and with make-up Zombie fake blood 470ml perfecting. For this, the latex wound is wetted on the back completely and generously with skin adhesive and then pressed to the desired location. Now it is important that you the Latex Wounds a few times taking away and andrückst again. Now the skin adhesive can evaporate and latex wound is always sticky. When the zombie wound shows the first "glue strings", it is ready to be permanently pressed. to keep some flair to the final pressing of the latex application enough time permanently before you weiterschminkst. After drying you can with liquid latex or gelatin conceal even the transitions to the skin, are so no hard edges and edges to see more.

makeup Realistic Zombie Makeup

After attaching the zombie wound, it is now time for your makeup adapt your zombie character. Make sure you a wounded zombie with open jaw is, is the Zombie Jawbone wound right for you. This adjust once the makeup of your desired color after sticking. Then add all the points underlying the latex application with dark eyeliner or dark blood gel additional "depth". Apply Bright makeup or light movie blood on the bodies which protrude in the application, such. B. the bones, they are optically from further. Zombie Dirt Powder as dirty powder helps, as well as the Stubble Sponge To conceal the hard transitions and divert attention from the "splice". The very popular Zipper wound can be other than directly on the face or anywhere else running fantastic. How about at Bald carriers even at the back or at pretty woman legs in miniskirt thigh as "suspenders". You are viewing a zombie makeup is not just limited to the face, but can be rather on the whole body effectively set the scene.

Zombie makeup special effects from the Hollywood tricks

Also working in Hollywood and on stage artist and make-up artists for the most part only by means that you too are available. Why not produce itself an extremely creepy zombie wound from liquid latex and paper towels or paper handkerchiefs. Cornflakes and bread crumbs mixed with blood gel give a nasty mixture that is reminiscent of blood crust and trimmings. These can be great on the face and attach to the body. A mixed in bit tattered kitchen sponge with fake blood, can be used as prima exit wound to the head. False fingernails, mercilessly edited with the Nail Cliper, give the perfect Horror Zombie fingernails.
Now even picked out the best Zombie contact lenses and matching zombie costume and already, the oblique Halloween Party and the Zombie Walk begin!

Hie you can find everything for your perfect zombie appearance:

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