Witch Costumes

Witch Costumes

Witch costumes in MEGA selection for Halloween, Carnival & Walpurgis Night. With a classic witch costume you'll quickly be dressed as a fairy tale witch, evil fairy or scary sorceress. Browse our fantastic witch costume selection now!

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Witch costumes as classic

Witches witch, mix potions and hunt on their broomsticks through the full moon nights. To make sure that the spellcasting succeeds in style, prospective witches should throw themselves into a trendy witch costume from our online shop. For Halloween, carnival and Walpurgis Night, the disguise as a witch is always very popular with girls and women alike. In a classic witch costume you don't only look great, but you're also dressed as a witch from head to toe for Halloween and Walpurgis Night, so that you'll be ready for some black magic at the next costume party.

Celebrate carnival and Halloween in a witch costume

Whether as a girl in carnival as Countess Of Darkness Children Costume Gr. Lstyled or for Halloween asPumpkin Witch Children's Costume Gr. L, a witch costume will never be boring even for children and fits all occasions where a great disguise is important. Witches have fascinated us for thousands of years. In the past they appeared in fairy tales with hump and wart, but today they hunt as bold young witches over the Blocksberg. Just as different as these witch creatures are the witch costumes from Horror-Shop.com. From the children's witch costume to the gothic style witch hat and the witch wig, our shop offers everything to steal the show from the other witches on Halloween or carnival. If you like to slip into strange roles and have a weakness for magic, you will surely find your individual favorite costume or mask in our shop.

Magical Halloween costumes from Horror-Shop.com

Transform yourself into them Glamour witch woman costumewith a witch costume and create sparkling magic in a floor-length glitter dress. If you want to dance in a witch costume on the Blocksberg, then one Spider Lady Witch Dress Deluxe Mis just right for you. Equipped with a green tulle tutu and the matching hat, you will stir up any Halloween party. Or are you captivated by the world of vampires? No problem, as a cheeky vampire bride in a Vamptessa witch costume at a Halloween event you are guaranteed to be right. To make you look absolutely creepy as a vampire bride, we have the authentic Vampire Countess Make-up including vampire fangs for you in our shop - goose bumps included. A more stylish, modern look is promised by short Gothic Halloween costumes in black with long trumpet sleeves. For festive and extravagant appearances a Victorian witch costume made of velvet is the perfect choice. A lady costume, group costumes or couple costumes for the magician are not only available in the world of Harry Potter, but also for dark steampunk or Blair Witch parties. All our Halloween costumes, morphsuits, fairy tale costumes, headgear and costume accessories like eyelashes or fake blood are of course available for immediate delivery.

Accessories for individual witch costumes

You can't do anything without Real witches` broom made of twigs 150 cmit, everybody knows that. But also other accessories like pantyhose or masks make a witch costume from Horror-Shop.com a very personal outfit. If you don't want to be recognized in your disguise or if you want to be really ugly, you are best equipped with a deviant Old Witch Mask greenor a crooked witch nose. No matter if you want to enchant your fairy tale world as a bad or good witch, click through the whole universe of great costumes for Halloween and carnival here in the Horror-Shop.com. Every witch costume for children and also the carnival costumes for adults are mostly available in different sizes. So that you can romp around as a witch in the fifth season and on Halloween, our witch costumes are tailored so that nothing restricts you and you feel completely comfortable in them. With our huge selection of carnival and Dark Mermaids Queen Ladies Costumefor adults and children you can choose your new costume according to your own ideas and put together the right accessories right away. Be creative and combine your witch costume to your heart's content with the creepy accessories and make-up for witches from our shop.

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