Halloween Wall Decorations

Our fantastic scene setters and spooky room rolls are perfect when you want to turn your party location into a dark vault, horror library or a dark and spooky mansion. Spooky decorations and gory wall decors for horror fans.

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Halloween Wall Decoration, Goretraits and Scene Setters… Ready to Enter the Unknown?

How can you turn any ordinary room into a gruesome haunted house or nightmarish mansion? With only a few Halloween Wall Decorations you can easily disguise any room as a ghoulish playground, feverish nightmare or wicked haunted house. It’s easy! With a few Halloween Portraits, or goretraits, and a few Halloween Scene Setters, you can set the mood and convert any place into the Halloween scenario of your dreams… or nightmares!
Does your house have pictures on the wall? Then why not change those family portraits to Halloween Portraits to guarantee a nice little shock for your guests! These portraits, also known as goretraits, are like any normal photo except they are disturbing and scary. Check out the Hologram Portrait Horror Gemini 38 X 51 Cm, this goretrait is a hologram so when you move, it looks like these evil, demented twins are watching you. It will drive you crazy doubting your own perceptions, wondering if the twins are going to jump out at you or not! The Hologram Portrait Demon 35x48cm is also very scary; when you look at it straight on, you will fool people into thinking it is just an old family member, but if you move just a little bit he turns into a demon! These are special effects that seem to come right out of a professional haunted house and can be achieved easily by hanging up a few Halloween Portraits instead of your typical family portraits.

Set the Scene for a Ghoulish Halloween with Halloween Wall Decoration

It’s easy and cost-effective to use wall decorations to cover your walls, doors and windows, and with just a few of these Halloween Scene Setters you can create the illusion of a creaky mansion on the top of a hill under a full moon in just a few minutes. For one devilishly delicious and frightening environment, the Bloody Butcher Shop Deko could be paired with a Skinned Bloody Bear to make your guests think they have walked into the ghoulish butcher’s shop from Hell!
What kind of scene do you want to set? With our Halloween Scene Setters you have lots of options. You can create a more light-hearted mood with some fun Halloween Wall Decorations like the Zombie laboratory metal plate or the Halloween Carnival Decoration 12-piece. In addition to the fun of the party and on Halloween, it will be a lot of fun to decide which theme you want to decorate with.
Do you want the scaring to start from outside? What about putting these Window / Blood Drips of Blood over your windows so even your neighbors get scared? You could pair these with Bloody door curtain Asylum to continue the effect of blood dripping everywhere on this ghastly Halloween eve. It all depends on which kind of Halloween Scene Setters you think your guests would like the best and these Halloween Wall Decorations can easily be paired with some Halloween Portraits.

A not too Frightening Halloween Wall Decoration

Horror-shop.com has a wide selection of wall decorations that are perfect for any age. Scared that your decorations will be too frightening? We also have lots of family-friendly and less scary Halloween Scene Setters like the Warning attacking Witch sign that looks exactly like a real ‘no trespassing’ sign but is Halloween themed. Or what about getting the family together for a Graveyard Sale Sign instead of a yard sale? If you are wondering how to throw an age-specific Halloween party, our selection of Halloween Wall Decorations has you covered. Many of our Halloween Portraits are quite scary, but the Zombie Door Foil With LEDs is a highly original and slightly less frightening goretrait, for example. Don’t forget that the best way to set the mood on Halloween is with some realistic, funny or scary Halloween Scene Setters. These wall decorations are the best way to transform any room into whatever Halloween scenario you wish to create. Do you have a large room? All our Halloween Portraits are quite large and can easily be seen from across the room, and you can fill up the rest of the wall space with other hanging decorations, door covers, window covers, signs and banners, so get creative and get scary!

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