Halloween Tombstones

You can not have a Halloween or horror party without a decent graveyard. In this section you will find all you need to let zombies rise from their graves. With some decoration moss and cobweb spray you can create perfectly creepy Halloween scenes!

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A Foggy Halloween Graveyard… In Your Own Front Yard with Halloween Tombstones!

A full moon rises over the old cemetery. The leaves are falling from the trees and swirling in the wind while a wolf howls in the background and you can hear the rodents scuttling underfoot. The thick fog makes it hard to see where you’re headed and suddenly you turn, only to see a zombie crawling out of his grave! There is no spookier place than a graveyard at midnight and it’s a terrifying scene that you can easily create in your own front or backyard with a few Halloween Graveyard Decorations. Wondering how to create the ultimate creepy experience for guests coming to your house for a Halloween party? With a few Halloween Tombstones you can make your very own haunted graveyard, guaranteed to scare your guests! Everyone is scared of the prospect of the dead coming back to life and crawling out of the grave, and our Halloween Graveyard Decorations are the perfect way to create that stirring and unsettling feeling for both your Halloween guests and neighbors.
At Horror-shop.com, you can find a great selection of all sorts of different Halloween Tombstones. You can arrange them in clusters or in rows like in a real graveyard. There are many different sizes and styles to choose from, so why not mix it up a bit? Fancy having a graveyard in your garden every year? Our Halloween Tombstones are made from weather-proof material so the elements won’t damage them and you can use them for your annual Halloween haunted house or display.
Do you want your Halloween Graveyard Decorations to look as realistic as possible? The classic ‘RIP’ (Rest in Peace) is engraved on many of the tombstones, such as the Grave stone Skull & Roses 40 cm. Or, you can add a bit of humor and let the corpses ‘Rest in Pieces’ with the Gothic cross grave stone 60 cm.

Halloween Tombstones for a ‘Skully’ Graveyard

Don’t know where to start with creating your Halloween cemetery? The best way to start is to choose a theme, such as using skulls to convey an even greater sense of death and afterlife. Skulls are a prominent feature of many of our Halloween Tombstones, signifying that there are actual skeletons buried in the ground. These Halloween Graveyard Decorations are as frighteningly realistic as they are creepy and surreal!
The best way to start organizing your Halloween Tombstones is to choose a few that will pair well together. Check out the Grave stone cross with skull, the Grave stone Rest in Peace 40cm and the Falling Angel Gravestone which all go well together. You may need to use multiple gravestones because no ‘skully’ graveyard is complete without several corpses buried together. These similar Halloween Graveyard Decorations go very well together and will ensure that your front yard cemetery creates the scariest atmosphere possible.

The All Night Cemetery with Halloween Graveyard Decoration

If you are putting in all this effort to make the most frightening graveyard possible, don’t you want people to be able to see it clearly at night? Wouldn’t a pair of blue zombie eyes in the background scare the pants off you? The good news is that many of our Halloween Graveyard Decorations feature LED lights incorporated in their cool designs, to make sure that your tombstones can be seen at night as well as during the day. The Light up Tombstone Cross and LED Tombstone Grim Reaper are the perfect props to use to ensure that your frightening display can be admired even during the night.
Once you have chosen the motif for your graveyard, be sure to pick a variety of tombstones. You will need different sizes and designs with different slogans written on them, just like in a real graveyard. You really want to set the mood and make your friends and guests think they are walking through an actual haunted graveyard, so varying the sizes, shapes and arrangement of these Halloween Tombstones is essential. The right Halloween Graveyard Decorations is necessary for any Halloween experience and rest assured that Horror-shop.com has the largest selection possible to make sure you host the scariest evening possible!

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