Halloween Skulls

Check out our cool selection of Halloween Skulls - from classic skulls to futuristic cyborg skulls!

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Find the perfect Halloween Skull with our Extensive Range

What is the ultimate representation of death? The human skull. It represents mortality. It is therefore not a surprise that the skull, the symbol of death, has become an integral part of many Halloween costumes and displays. From Terminator to Dia de Los Muertos, Halloween Skulls are the foundation of any good Halloween display! Do you want to incorporate one of the most creepy and morbid symbols of death into your Halloween display? Then you should absolutely consider finding some Halloween Skulls and Halloween Sugar Skulls to include!
Skulls come in all shapes and sizes. Do you want the most traditional and classic-looking skull? This Shiny Skull has many realistic features on it that would instantly turn your home or haunted house into a forgotten funeral or crypt-like vault. Be sure to pair these skulls with cobwebs and blacklights or strobe lights for the ultimate mortal-transcendent experience. What about a Halloween Sugar Skull for a delicious bite of the afterlife?

Themed Skulls also for Halloween

Do you want a specialty Halloween Skull and Halloween Sugar Skull experience? Do you want to break away from the mould and display some, funky, funny or quirky skulls? Sometimes it is great fun to use classic Halloween decorations, but it is equally as fun to vary these decorations a bit. For example, this Keychains Skull and spider Santa Skull (#:20366) is a light-hearted, festive play on the traditional skull theme. Or, this beautiful and ornate Dead Skull Day Of The Dead is a Halloween Skull reminiscent of the highly-decorated skulls used to celebrate the Mexican holiday of the Dia de los Muertos, or day of the dead.
Do you see that? Over there, in the corner of the room. The faint red lights, the eerie red glow, the decaying bone… What a great Halloween prop! By including some LED lights as eyes in Halloween Skulls and Halloween Sugar Skulls, your skull decorations and props are given a whole new dimension of nocturnal creepiness. This Giant Skull with Glowing Red Eyes is over 40cm and with the red eyes will be able to scare the pants off your party guests, even from a distance. Do you want to give your neighbors something to be frightened about? Try placing this Skull with LED lighting in your window or on your front porch and the changing eye colors are sure to give someone a fright!

Halloween Skulls in all Shapes and Sizes

Do you want to keep a piece of Halloween with you all the time? Are you looking for a seasonal gift or something to pop in a goody-bag? This Keychains Skull and spider and the Key Ring Celtic Skull are an indiscreet way to always carry around a piece of the afterlife and the Halloween spirit. Kids will love it, too! It will remind them of their favorite day of the year whenever they see it.
If you want to incorporate the Halloween Skull and Halloween Sugar Skull theme into your decorations but don’t want to have individual skulls, there are other mystical and eerie decorations that would add to the cryptic fright of your Halloween decorations. This Skull Stack LED Lights or Mummified LED Skull show a fearsome funeral scene. This Skull Head Lamp makes a chilling prop as well.
If you are unsure about how to incorporate the skull into your Halloween decorations, don’t fret, it’s easy! Horror-shop.com has a diverse selection of skulls and Halloween Sugar Skulls to put the finishing touches on you Halloween decorations. It is advisable to choose a few different types of Halloween Skulls, some with LED lights, some classic and some with special designs. Distribute them around the party and make sure to have them partially covered with cobwebs, or have the flickering Jack-o-Lantern nearby for maximum shadow effect. These skulls are the ultimate addition to your Halloween atmosphere, so don’t miss an opportunity to add a morbid touch to your party this Halloween!

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