Halloween Pumpkin

The Halloween pumpkin with scary pumpkin face is a must-have for every Halloween party as "Jack o Lantern". Put a Halloween pumpkin in front of your door now and signal that kids dressed up for Halloween are welcome to trick or treat!

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Halloween pumpkin decoration, no matter if carved by yourself or bought

What would Halloween be without a glowing Halloween Pumpkin with a scary grimace? A Jack o Lantern should not be missing at any successful Halloween party! Originally, the pumpkins with their scary grimaces were placed in front of the front door on Halloween to keep away evil spirits. Today, the orange Halloween Pumpkin can not only show your friends the way to the Halloween party, but also signal to the kids that they are welcome to go trick-or-treating.

Why not try carving a Halloween pumpkin yourself?

Traditionally, real pumpkins are hollowed out and scary grimaces are carved into them until a real Halloween Pumpkin is created. At Horror-Shop.com you won't find real pumpkins, but you will find some great ones 20 pcs. Pumpkin Carving Set with stencils. Carving a Jack o Lantern is not that difficult and will be a lot of fun, especially for your kids! With extra care, you can also try the Pumpkin carving chainsaw, which makes carving a creative Jack o Lantern a breeze.
Now all you need is the right light for your Jack o Lantern. Real candles are no longer very popular with true Halloween fans for safety reasons. But how about the Pumpkin Strobe light? If you like it especially spooky, then you should take a look at our bloody Bloody squash teeth. With this creepy Halloween accessory you can turn your funny pumpkin face into a scary Halloween Pumpkin!

Browse our wide range of ready-made Halloween pumpkin decorations!

Carving a pumpkin yourself takes a lot of time and usually ends in a big mess. But that doesn't have to be the case, because you can easily order a ready-made Jack o Lantern decoration. No matter if pumpkin decoration, garland, candle or pumpkin sticker, our assortment of Halloween Pumpkins is huge and there is something for everyone!
In our shop you can find the classic Halloween Decoration Pumpkin 20cm in different diameters or even a Glowing Halloween Decoration Pumpkin with LED color change. If you like it a bit more flashy, the Halloween Pumpkin Foil balloon might be an alternative for you or our Sweet Pumpkin Witch a very imaginative Halloween decoration.
If your Halloween motto is the scarier the better, then the tied up Gefesselter Pumpkin Ghost Hanging Figure 100 cm is just the thing for you! The gruesome hanging figure will give your guests a real scare and make the little neighbor kids give your house a wide berth on their "Trick or Treat" tour! Also the Pumpkin Ghost On The Swing guarantees the shock moment with your guests! The scary face is already waiting for your guests in the front yard before they even enter the Halloween party.
Of course the assortment at horror-shop.com also includes great pumpkin costumes. How about the Sweet Pumpkin Baby Costume for your little one? Is your child already a bit older? With our large selection you will find for example the pumpkin Princess or the Sweet pumpkin baby costume? And you too can transform yourself into a crazy or sexy pumpkin. Try the costumes for adults, for example the Sexy squash Kostm, the Pumpkin Killer Costume or the Eerie Pumpkin Costume!

The Halloween pumpkin is a must for every Halloween party!

No matter if you want to carve your own pumpkin or buy it as a ready-made decoration, the scary face of Jack o Lantern should not be missing at any successful Halloween party! Get inspired by our large assortment and order your Halloween Pumpkin easily and comfortably online at horror-shop.com!

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