Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkins are a must for any Halloween party! Order your Halloween pumpkin decorations, pumpkin lanterns and pumpkin garlands now!

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A Halloween Pumpkin is an essential accessory for your Halloween party

You can not celebrate Halloween without a classic Halloween Pumpkin! You can either carve ithe Halloween Pumpkin yourself or buy ready-made decorations. An orange Halloween Pumpkin at your front door shows your party guests the way and tells all little trick or treaters that they might be lucky and get some sweets when they ring your doorbell. A Halloween Pumpkin also makes a beautiful autumnal shop window decoration. Some farmers sell pumpkins along the roadside so you should have no problems purchasing one.

Carve your own Halloween Pumpkin

It is not very difficult to carve your own Halloween Pumpkin and it is great fun, too! You always wanted to carve your own Halloween Pumpkin and cut a monstrous face into it? Well, best order a Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit and start carving! Surely there will be farmers or supermarkets in your area that have pumpkins for sale in October.
Best cut a fist-sized hole in the top of your Halloween Pumpkin with the appropriate tool from your Pumpkin Carving Kit and scoop out all the seeds and pulp. After having cleaned your Halloween Pumpkin you can now draw the outlines of your Halloween face onto it. If you prefer you can also use one of the many Halloween Pumpkin stencils.
Now cut out the face using a pumpkin saw. In order to avoid injuries, children should always be supervised by adults when carving a Halloween Pumpkin! When you are happy with your pumpkin face, all that is left to do is to put a tealight or LED light (which is the better and safer option) inside it and enjoy your Halloween Pumpkin illuminating the night.

Where does the Halloween Pumpkin tradition come from?

There are many tales and legends about where the Halloween tradition to carve a pumpkin with a monstrous face, illuminate it with a candle and put it outside your front door really origins. The most famous Halloween Pumpkin story is the tale of the drunkard Jack Oldfield.
Legend has it that Jack Oldfield was a never-do-well who did nothing but drink all day, tell lies and deceive people for their money. Jack was so mean, even the devil had heard about his vile character and came to take him to hell.
Naturally Jack did not want to go to hell and started to negotiate with the devil and drink with him. While the devil got more and more dunk, Jack had been drinking water for quite a while. The inebriated devil became careless and accepted a bet that involved him climbing a high tree. Once the devil had reached the tree top, Jack Oldfield cut a cross in the tree trunk so the devil could not climb down the tree anymore. The poor drunken devil was caught in the tree and, after long negotiations, promised not to persecute Jack ever again and take another soul to hell instead.
Years later, when Jack died, he was not allowed to go to heaven because of all his evil deeds and so he tried to go to hell. But as the devil had promised that Jack would never have to go to hell, he was denied access. As a consequence Jack was condemned to dwell in eternal darkness. The devil felt sorry for Jack and gave him a carved turnip with an ember that he could use as a lantern on his way through the dark.
The Irish immigrants in America started to use orange pumpkins instead of turnips to make their Halloween Pumpkin, the so called Jack O' Lantern. Ever since those days people cut a nasty face in the Hallowen Pumpkin and put it outside their front door on Halloween. The nasty face is supposed to portray the Jack Oldfield which, according to legend, keeps away evil spirits and devils.

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