Halloween Props

Order your spooky Halloween decorations now! We stock a great selection of absolutely extraordinary Halloween props for indoors and outdoors. Create a super spooky atmosphere with our Halloween hanging props and poseable props.

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Make this Halloween Unforgettable with the Right Halloween Props

What do you think of when you think of Halloween? Is it a skeleton hanging from the ceiling or the grim reaper swooping down towards you? No matter what vision of Halloween you want to create, or how scary or realistic you want your decorations to be, Horror-Shop.com has the most unforgettable Halloween Props and Halloween Figures available. There are so many different decorations you can choose from to decorate your home, office or yard. For greeting trick-or-treaters, passers-by or your friends coming for a Halloween party, the combinations of decorations are virtually endless. If you are going for an all-out spectacle and are looking for some large-scale decorations, most of our props can be folded up for easy storage and can be used year after year.
Check out our wide range of Halloween Props for impressive and eerie Halloween decorations that will blow people away! From small Halloween Figures to life-size monster props, we have it all. Amongst our great props and figures, you can find everything from Pinata pumpkin and Hanging Shrunken Head Rotten Zombie to a Zombie garden gnome and black monster spider 228 cm. The combinations are endless and it really depends on what kind of atmosphere you want to create. Fancy something subtle? Then check out our smaller indoor Halloween Figures. Or, if you are going for the best decorations on the block in your yearly haunted house extravaganza, we have tons of life size and outdoor props that will leave your neighbors speechless or downright scared out of their wits!

Child-Friendly Halloween Props and Figures

What if you don’t want such a scary Halloween party or if the party is for children? Not to worry, Horror-shop.com has plenty of friendly Halloween Figures and props to choose from that will surely make an impression without scaring the living daylights out of people. We understand that Halloween is not always about blood and zombies, so what about hanging some Floating Witch Hanging Decoration Ghost around the house? Everybody will love a Witches Plush bear and these also make great take-home gifts from the party. These Halloween Props and figures are innocent and child-friendly.
If you are expecting trick-or-treaters but won’t be at home, why not leave out a bowl of sweets in a Stormtrooper Candy Holder? What about shocking the neighborhood children with a large Dancing Witch Animatronic Inflatable. Don’t fret if you are aiming for a toned-down Halloween, we have plenty of props and Halloween Figures that are great for Halloween but won’t give anyone much of a fright.

Gruesome Haunted House Props

There’s nothing quite like going all out on Halloween and who doesn’t love a haunted house? If you want to scare the pants off your guests, we have some utterly terrifying Halloween Props and Halloween Figures to bring your own haunted house up to a professional standard. Bloody figures, scary hanging monsters, life-size corpses, there are no limits… It all depends how much you want to scare people! Check out the Convict on the Gallows for a scary surprise or put a Skeleton Parts Lawn Decoration in your front garden for a guaranteed shock.
If you are aiming for the bloodiest, creepiest and most unforgettable annual Halloween haunted house experience, start with some great Halloween Figures. Is it the dark and foggy hollows on a cold winter’s night or the abandoned lunatic asylum that you want to recreate? We have Halloween Props to achieve it all.
If you are stuck for ideas, just have a look through our huge selection of Halloween Figures and props; you can find indoor decorations, outdoor decorations, hanging props and size figures in all sizes. It all depends on the mood and atmosphere that you are trying to create and how big or small your party or haunted house will be. It can be fun and light-hearted, gory and terrifying or child friendly and quirky. No matter what you want to impress your friends with, Horror-shop.com is the place to start for all your Halloween decorations.

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