Halloween Lanterns

Funny colourful Halloween Lanterns add the finishing touch to your ghost party and enchant your guests!

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Colorful Halloween Lanterns and Lampions Hanging from the Ceiling

If you want to give your Halloween party that last bit of flare and the perfect finishing touch, you will need to incorporate Halloween Lanterns and Halloween Lampions in your decorating! These decorations are predominantly paper-based and feature a wide variety of designs. All you need to do is hang your Halloween Lampion over a lightbulb, or in place of an existing light fixture and it will add a fun and colorful flare to your Halloween decorations. Lanterns can be used in a wide variety of places and are best arranged in equal intervals, hanging from the ceiling or over doorways and archways.
These are a very cost-effective way of transforming your party and adding a new dimension of Halloween fun to your event. You can even use the Halloween Lanterns strategically, for example by adding extra light to highlight certain props and decorations or to indicate where the buffet table is. Lanterns and lampions are traditional in many cultures and celebrations. They are a simple, yet beautiful and curiously creepy way to enhance the Halloween sentiment for any Halloween-themed event or get together. They are not a scary prop so are ideal for children’s parties.
These spooky and funny Halloween props come in a variety of shapes, sizes and motifs. If you would like to use Halloween Lanterns for decoration, it is advised that you order enough to distribute evenly around your party. You can either follow a theme, like a pumpkin theme or black and orange theme, or you can go wild and show off a quirky assortment of sizes, styles, patterns and shapes of Halloween Lampions.

Halloween Lampions on the Go

Are your kids celebrating too? Is your Halloween party a party on the move or a parade? What about if you need a bit of extra light while trick-or-treating? An excellent idea to meet your needs is to use a few lantern sticks. These lantern sticks come in many colors and patterns and are easy to use. Each lantern stick has a lightbulb at its end, over which you can hang a Halloween Lampion. These are a very fun way for children to light their paths at night, while showing off their favorite Halloween decorations and also make for a safer trick-or-treating experience.
Lantern sticks come in Electric lantern stick blue / yellow with stars, Electric lantern stick with red heart, Electric lantern stick pink / pink with hearts and several other colors and patterns. Browse our huge selection with your child to find which one will allow them to celebrate Halloween in their favorite way! You can mix and match which Halloween Lanterns to hang from these lantern sticks, so the combinations are endless.

Picking a Halloween Lantern Theme

If you are getting started with decorating, it’s a good idea to begin with a theme. You could choose a shape for a theme. For example, the Halloween lantern witch, Halloween lantern bat and Halloween Lantern Owl have identical shapes but different patterns. This is a great way to maintain consistency in your spooky designs but still have some fun and diversity in the recurring patterns. These Halloween Lanterns are actually quite inexpensive, so if you order several you can really fill up your room for the ultimate Halloween experience.
Do you want to include the traditional black and orange Halloween color scheme? Your best bet is to start with the Round pumpkin lantern or the Giant Paper Lantern Bat 40cm. Get creative and have fun! You could even alternate these orange Halloween Lampions with some Lampion spider Hängedeko and Lantern Ghost Hanging Decoration. It’s a professional design trick to alternate colors and patterns and this way, you can make a visually pleasing decoration and show off all the traditional Halloween symbolism.

Halloween Lanterns and Lampions for all Tastes

If you want a well-lit party to show off all the decorations and especially all the cool costumes, you will definitely need to finish off your decorating with some well-placed Halloween Lampions and Halloween Lanterns. Be sure to mix up the color schemes and mix and match sizes and shapes, too. And don’t forget that you can take your spooky Halloween festive spirit with you wherever you go; lantern sticks are a cute and fun way for even the youngest trick-or-treaters to get in on the action!

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