Halloween Bugs and Insects

Halloween Insects & Vermin Plastic as a Halloween Decoration. Now Spiders & Cockroaches as a Halloween Decoration for Horror Movie Fans! How about bats, maggots, flies and rats as a common joke article & horror decoration?

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Hair-raising Halloween Bugs & Insect

If there is one thing guaranteed to creep someone out, it’s a scuttling cockroach or a sinister spider crawling up your leg… it sends a shiver down your spine just thinking about it! But that is what Halloween is all about, and there is no simpler way to get a quick scare out of your guests than with a few well-placed Halloween Bugs & Insects. Want to frighten your friends? It is guaranteed that an inconspicuously placed spider, snake or rat will make someone jump! At Horror-shop.com, we have a great selection of Halloween Bugs & Insects that can turn anyone squeamish for a day. If you don’t want to be limited to only bugs and insects, there are plenty of fake snakes, mice, rats, ravens, crows, bats and much, much more to choose from! What about a Rat in a trap Animatronic to make someone jump? Many of our decorative Bugs & Insects are small and inconspicuous enough to catch someone off guard, but a lot are unmissable and are a great addition to any Halloween scene you might be trying to create.
The trick with decorating for Halloween is making people feel uncomfortable. If you prod these Halloween Bugs & Insects in the right way, you are guaranteed to revolt people! What about some Cockroaches 48 pieces strategically placed in the kitchens or bathrooms? It’s creepy just thinking about it! The Bloody maggots Water Polo will make even the toughest person squirm upon seeing it. Do you want to create the most realistic Halloween scenario you could possibly dream of? These Realistic Realistic Meat Fly With Magnet can be strategically placed anywhere in your house or office and are almost an inch long, so big enough to be seen from a distance, and will remind guests of flies eating rotten flesh, a gruesome thought on the most gruesome night of the year!

The Infested Attic

What’s that rattling up in the attic? Do you have the courage to go up there yourself? A great way to incorporate Halloween Bugs & Insects and everything else that is creepy-crawly into your Halloween decor is by turning any room into the creaky, dusty and bug and spider infested attic. You could start with some Artificial cobwebs 60gr. that cover a whopping 200 square feet and spread out lots of Network with mice, too. Make sure to have a few Hanging Black Spider hanging around to seem to appear out of nowhere and Spinning larvae in the cocoon Large to add a high degree of realism to the Infested Attic.

Create Creepy Scenarios with Halloween Bugs & Insects

The Skinned Bloody Bear is the perfect gruesome decoration and the lengthy Hanging Bat adds the final touch to your horror scene. With only a few decorative Bugs & Insects, you can transform anywhere into a graveyard, a horror scene, an Infested Attic or just a generally creepy Halloween scenario. Be sure to think about what bugs, insects and rodents should be paired together for the ultimate effect. Spiders and spiders’ webs, snakes and rats and crows and maggots make great pairs and we have a wide variety of all these props to choose from.
Want to make your guests shiver and their hair stand on end? Maggots, cockroaches, giant spiders and dead rats are guaranteed to creep them out. If you are looking for a creepy-crawly Halloween horror scene, a murder scene from a movie or just some practical jokes, you need to start your decorating with the right Halloween Bugs & Insects. Be careful though, many of these props are actually very realistic and some people might mistake them for real. If you are nervous about the true realism of these decorations, we also have some brightly colored, stretchy and glow-in-the-dark decorations for a less sinister Halloween experience. Don’t forget; no Halloween get together or party is complete without at least a few filthy vermin, slimy bugs and foul maggots!

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