Halloween Body Parts

Halloween latex body parts & Halloween vinyl corpse parts as spooky horror decorations for your Halloween party. Order realistic looking limbs as haunted house decorations & movie props now. Huge selection of body parts!

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Surprise your friends with real looking corpse parts

Halloween is coming soon again and besides your perfect Halloween Costumes and the matching accessories, the right decoration should not be neglected. And that's exactly why you've come to the right place. Especially in our creepiest category - Halloween body parts - you will find a lot of scary Halloween decorations at horror-shop.com. We offer you a lot of Halloween body parts, with which you can not only transform your party location into a horrible scene from a horror movie. Many of our latex body parts are also perfect to complete your costume. Order your Halloween body parts online now!

Our latex body parts make your scary party perfect

When it comes to decorations for a Halloween creepy party, there's a very specific motto: The scarier, the better! With Halloween body parts the creepiness is pre-programmed. For example, you can start small and spice up your zombie costume with bloody, Severed Ear Economy. The life-size latex body parts look very realistic and make your costume look even scarier. Even a few Bloody Finger Tips 12 PCS can cause quite a stir at your party. The disgusting body parts like the Chopped Zombie Foot are made of latex and versatile and can be used for every zombie costume, as decoration for cocktails or salads, fork and knife. In any case, the Halloween body parts will not fail to deliver their creepy effect. Also the Realistic skull with no brain is a real eye-catcher and is suitable to complete your zombie costume as well as for the decoration of your creepy buffet.

Are you ready to scare your guests with our Halloween body parts?

For example, you can place the Hammer murder victims head on your creepy buffet, so that only real creepy fans and self-proclaimed zombies dare to eat. Because the real looking skull gives the impression of having been brutally smashed with a hammer or an iron bar. Like many of our latex body parts, the Murder Victim Skull was made with special movie blood to look extra authentic.
Intestines breastplate will provide some scary moments at your Halloween party. You can close the torn torso, from which bloody intestines and ribs seem to emerge, at the back with a Velcro fastener. Afterwards you can easily put on any shirt and rip it open at the right moment. Your friends will start screaming in horror! With a little Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml you can perfect your appearance. The Guts Chest Armor is definitely a gross zombie costume accessory!
And in case your guests move into restricted areas and mess with your fridge, for example, we at horror-shop.com now have the solution for you: the real-looking Halloween body parts in cans. Simply place a Container With Bloody Latex Innards in the fridge and the intruder will be shocked and flee the kitchen screaming loudly. To match, we offer you the Fresh Brain and the Jar with heart.

What do you think about completing the decoration with animal Halloween body parts?

Besides human Halloween body parts, our extensive range also includes animal Halloween body parts. The Skinned Bloody Bear can become a real highlight at your party. Also the Zombie Teddy Bear has a real creepy factor. With these Halloween body parts you will definitely create an appropriate creepy atmosphere and your friends will remember your Halloween party with horror for a long time!
Instead of latex body parts you can order a whole figure at horror-shop.com. A very popular option among our customers is the Bad Betty Zombie Girl, which is perfect for decorating the entrance area.

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