Table Firework

Table fireworks for birthday party & wedding. Ice fountain & table bomb as year-round fireworks for indoor use. Crackers & firecrackers as a party gag. Browse our large selection of festive table fireworks.

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Table Fireworks & Table Bombs

Atmospheric table fireworks for your birthday party, wedding or anniversary. With a safe table fireworks display, which is also permitted in closed rooms, your event can be celebrated particularly solemnly and loudly all year round. While "normal" New Year's Eve fireworks may only be lit on special occasions during the year, table fireworks may be lit all year round.

Ice fountain & star projector as table fireworks

Who doesn't like to celebrate in a festive setting where everything glitters and sparks sparkle with joy? With an ice fountain and star projector to decorate an ice cream sundae and the birthday cake, you have the perfect table fireworks. During the serving of the dessert, a sparkling ice fountain and sparkler as table fireworks attract the attention of the birthday child or the wedding couple for a short time. When the ice fountain and sparkler burn off, 1000 of small, bright sparks spray and let the eyes of the presentee shine. A very special table firework is the cake fountain with music! When lighting the cake fountain in the form of a blossom, it slowly opens and begins to turn. While a fireworks display sprays sparks, an additional birthday song sounds.

Number candles as table fireworks for anniversaries with year

Wax number candles have already served as a surprise for anniversaries of all kinds. Now the numbered candles are also available in combination with sparklers. In combination they make a special kind of table fireworks. This makes it particularly easy to highlight specially achieved year dates.

Table bombs and bangers

A table firework not only has to score with sparkling sparks and light effects, at some events you can also attract attention and surprise with a loud bang. Table bombs and pop candies are a funny affair that make a loud bang when ignited or dressed. With most table bombs and bangers, small objects such as good-luck charms fly out. Alternatively there are the table bombs for adults or especially for children, so it is guaranteed that in each case age-appropriate contents are "missed". Special table bombs for Valentine's Day or a wedding night are table bombs with rose petals or foil hearts as romantic table fireworks.

Safe table fireworks as party gag

Table fireworks such as table bombs and sparklers are part of many occasions besides New Year's Eve, birthday parties and weddings. A juicy bang, confetti rain or sparkling sparks, the variety of year-round fireworks is great. But they all have one thing in common: if they are applied correctly and some safety measures are observed, they are actually harmless. Please read the instructions for use carefully before each table fireworks display and be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions!

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