Here you will find everything you need for a super Carnival party, cool decorations, lanterns and a great selection of colourful Carnival garlands

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It’s Carnival Time - A Large Variety of Carnival Decorations

Look at all that green, purple and yellow! What’s going on? Of course, it must be Mardi Gras! Carnival is probably the most colorful time of the year. The concept of the entire festival is to celebrate, cut loose and enjoy yourself. Loud music, beautiful decorations and costumes, and people having fun are the symbolic images of Mardi Gras. Do you want to join in the fun? has a huge selection of Carnival Decorations, including all sorts of streamers, lanterns, garlands and party accessories. If you can’t make it to Rio this year, it’s not a big deal; bring the real-life excitement of the world’s largest Carnival right to your home by accessorizing and decorating with some fun decor.
The best starting place is with some streamers. You can hang streamers off of pretty much everything, but these are best used to decorate the upper part of walls and over doors and door frames. The more streamers you have and the brighter the colors, the better. Remember, Mardi Gras is all about color and Horrorshop’s selection of streamers includes all colors! You can choose from Streamers colorful economy, Jumbo Streamers - Hardly Inflammable and White Streamers to provide a nice complement to the colorful Carnival Decorations. Not sure how many you need? The product descriptions list the total length of the streamers. Party safety is a concern? There are also flame retardant streamer options for safer celebration.

A Hanging Party in your Carnival

The best thing you can do for your celebration is to include lots and lots of hanging Carnival Decorations. These can be hung from any hook and all over the ceiling. The over the top jovial environment where you seem to be absorbed in color, fun and decorations is what Mardi Gras is all about, so be sure to order a wide variety and selection. We suggest that you start with some garlands. This 3 honeycomb garlands star 2m is a quirky and fun way to integrate even more of the usual Mardi Gras colors into your display.
Is gay pride a big part of your celebration? Be sure to show your true colors with this Rainbow flags garland that adds a proud touch to your Carnival Decorations. Go big or go home! There are plenty of other hanging garlands to choose from in our wide selection, so don’t hesitate to check out our selection. The key is diversity; you want your guests to feel that they are over-stimulated and absorbed in the Carnival culture.

Colorful Carnival Lanterns

Do you want some colored lights and nice complements to your hanging garlands and streamers? Don’t forget your Carnival lanterns. These are simple decorated paper coverings for lights. Do you have lights hanging from your ceiling? Just pop off the usual light fixture and hang these lanterns over the bulb. In addition to throwing some crazy shadows and tinted lights, these lanterns are really fun! You could mix and match from the Train lantern white with colorful dots, Zuglaterne green with colorful dots, Zuglaterne pink with colorful dots and Zuglaterne blue with colorful dots for the ultimate pizazz! Just arrange them at even intervals and cover all the regular lights for a smashing atmosphere. What’s best about these Carnival Decorations is that they are very affordable so it will be easy to create the over the top environment that Mardi Gras is all about.
The possibilities and combinations of Carnival Decorations are virtually endless with our wide selection at In addition to all the fun streamers, garlands and lanterns, there are tons of party accessories to choose from and other decorations. You could hang this Glitter Clown Wall Decor from the wall or this Clown musician wall decoration to incorporate the traditional Mardi Gras clown in your decorating. Remember, this party is about fun. It is about being yourself, letting loose and allowing yourself to go over the top. So take part in the party atmosphere and go over the top with your decorating, too!

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