Colorful balloons and helium-fillable balloons make every event decoration a visual highlight

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Colourful balloons or balloons that can be filled with helium make every event decoration a visual highlight.

What could be more beautiful than a venue decorated with lots of balloons? Inflated balloons have always been part of the festive decoration of events and celebrations. The colorful or monochrome balloons are now available in many shapes and colors and from a variety of materials.

Balloons made of latex

The classics among the balloons are balloons made of natural rubber, also called latex. The balloons made of natural rubber are available in almost every conceivable shape. The most used balloon is the round one, but it is also available in a snake shape, as a mouldable modelling balloon or for lovers, as a heart balloon.

Foil balloons

With foil balloons it is possible to fill your balloons with helium and let them float, just like at the fair. The mostly colorful printed balloons made of fine aluminum foil are the hit for every children's birthday party, because these are often printed with heroes from the comic and cinema world. There is hardly a motif that is not available for a helium balloon. No matter if it is a Mickey Mouse helium balloon, Spiderman balloon for boys or the wonderful wedding balloons in the shape of a champagne bottle or a bridal bouquet. Helium-inflated foil balloons last for different lengths of time, depending on weather and storage, among other factors. On average, helium-filled balloons last 1-2 weeks and need to be refilled in between with a straw and normal air. If the proportion of helium compared to oxygen has decreased too much, the foil balloon can no longer float and is then "only" a normal balloon.

Modeling balloons

With a modelling balloon, funny figures or things can be formed and are therefore very popular with children. Anyone who has ever watched a clown or street artist quickly and skilfully form a realistic object from a modelling balloon will of course want to try it themselves straight away. At the beginning it is not easy to form a figure out of latex balloons by twisting and knotting them, but practice makes perfect!


Especially in summer it is super funny and refreshing to throw water balloons at each other! The very thin and small latex balloons are filled with water and then thrown at each other or against objects like throwing a snowball. You can play funny games with the latex balloons as water bombs or have a harmless water fight. Water balloons are always popular as a joke article and summer fun and a classic among the water games for children.

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