With our officially licensed X-Men merchandise you can turn yourself into a superhero this Halloween - order now at low prices in our online shop!

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X-Men costumes & masks

Licensed X-Men costumes from Marvel Comics

Charles Xavier, Wolverine, Mystique and Co.- The Marvel superheroes written by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby fight as "X-Men" against prejudice of the people and against their counterparts in person by hostile mutants.For all fans of interesting characters with the fabled skills there is in our online store the best X-Men costumes and masks.

Ingenious Wolverine Stock Costumes

The muscle man among the X-Men, of course Logan aka Wolverine - the man orWolf strongman.If you would like you to dress on the next superhero party as a seemingly invincible roughneck, we have the genius Wolverine costumes, masks and T-shirts in the range for you.

Official X-Men costumes and masks

Superhero movies are currently extremely popular! With the iconic X-Men costumes and masks you'll even for comic book heroes and you can fearlessly make your enemies - or leisurely sipping & Halloween your beer while the ladies can not keep their eyes from you.,
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