Woodoo - Zombie Flesh Eaters

The officially licensed masks from Lucio Fulci's Woodoo - Zombie Flesh Eaters are a must have for all fans of this cult zombie film - order now at low prices in our online shop!

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Licensed Lucio Fulci Zombie Mask

Official masks from Woodoo - The horrors Porno Holocaust

Full American model, the zombie wave prevailed in Italy in the 70s and 80s.One of the great genre directors is undoubtedly veteran Lucio Fulci.One of his most famous works is the zombie film "Voodoo - The horrors Porno Holocaust", to which we have the original Lucio Fulci zombie masks in the range.

to make it big on Halloween with Lucio Fulci Zombie Mask

Besides the classics also Zombies have long like welcome guests at any Halloween party.If you are still looking for a very particular which were noted costuming, we encourage you to dress up with the iconic Lucio Fulci Zombie Mask.

participate in the Old School undead look at Zombie Walk

Walking dead have come back into fashion - the increasingly popular Zombie Walk is unmistakable proof! Who wants to prove fan of the old school at the next meeting, to impress the other participants with our official Lucio Fulci Zombie Mask!

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