They Live

Officially licensed They Live merchandise for John Carpenter fans! Order now at low prices in our online shop!

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Licensed They Live mask

Original Alien Mask of John Carpenter's cult movie

In John Carpenter's sci-fi classic "They Live" our planet has been infiltrated by hostile aliens.Only with a special pair of glasses, it is the protagonist John Nada possible to detect the aliens in humanoid form.With licensed They Live mask you can easily dress from space and mingling of Halloween among the human species as one of these beings.

They Live mask for science fiction fans

Whether Sci-Fi Fair, Halloween or carnival - with the licensed They Live mask you're an alien eye of the galactic kind and so many earthlings will shudder pretty in your sight.

Official They Live mask as a collectible

As a real movie buff your own home should be equipped with the perfect merchandise.Friends of the science fiction genre can order the quality They Live mask therefore in our shop - whether as a Halloween costume or room decoration !.
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