The Terminator

Officially licensed Terminator accessories are must-have collectibles for all fans of the cult movies and make a great Halloween costume, too.

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Terminator Masks

Officially licensed Terminator Masks

With "Terminator" James Cameron has directed one of the biggest box office films of all times. The first sequel of the science fiction thriller had an important influence on the genre while the second one was a firework of fantastic special effects. With our Terminator Masks you can turn yourself into Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role of a cyborg and either destroy our planet or safe it.

Terminator Masks and Skulls for collectors

Fans also love the officially licensed Cyborg Skulls which are available in our shop. Red glowing eyes make these dangerous loo- und ein echter Hingucker für Besucher, denen du deinen ganz persönlichen Cyborg präsentieren kannst.

Terminator Masks from part 4 of the film series

In "Terminator Salvation" Christian Bale starring as John Connor fights hostile cyborgs, in particular  the T-600. We have the officially licensed T-600 Mask for you that will turn you into a particularly sinister Terminator and into the terror of all Halloween party guests.
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