Get yourself our officially license Shrek mask and costume and make a Halloween entrance in a cute ogre costume! Order online at low prices!

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Shrek Costumes & Accessories

Shrek costumes with license

The adventures of the green ogre Shrek are great fun for young and old - with the sympathetic antihero can relate to just anyone.For fans of the loveable animation figures we now have the Shrek costumes and accessories as charming Halloween disguises Releases.

Official Shrek costumes and accessories for adults, children and dogs

When all the family in matching outfits the Celebrations as they fall? No problem with the Shrek costumes and accessories like the ogre costume for men, the Princess Fiona costume, the children Shrek vest with ears and a matching dog costume.Of course, the donkey mask may not be missing, so that the faithful companion of Hauptfigut is also on board.

No movie theme party without original licensed Shrek costumes and accessories

If meet film fans to celebrate their cinematic role models are duly honored.With the licensed Shrek costumes and accessories from the DreamWorks you to be there to hold high the banner for the little fiend up - finally the unique character has more than one movie audiences torn out the seats!

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