Better do not mess with sadist Jigsaw from the SAW horror film series. For all fans who are not scared we stock a grat selection of SAW costumes and accessories!

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Saw Costumes and Jigsaw Mask

Officially licensed Saw Costumes and Jigsaw Mask

Horror film franchise "Saw" is all about nasty games and horrifying torture scenes so it is a must for any gorehound. If at this year's Halloween party you want to mix and mingle dressed up in a horror film outfit, we recommend one of our Saw Costumes or the Jigsaw Mask.

Saw Costumes and Billy Puppet

The Saw films mean business when it comes to torture scenes, so if you want to become a part of this violent and twisted world, we recommend the Pig Costume or the Jigsaw Mask with the features of the sick mastermind behind the horrors. We also have costumes and accessories of Jigsaw's puppet Billy  - e.g. check out the Billy keyring or the talking Billy figure on a tricycle.

Severed limbs for splatter fans

A gory decoration is essential for your Halloween party location. With our Saw Body Parts made of latex, the luminaries and the tv and window decoration you can create perfect horror film sceneries and give your guests' the creeps. So go and get your officially licensed horror film merchandise, the Saw Costumes and the Jigsaw Mask and "Play a game!".

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