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Licensed Nightbreed masks

Nightbreed masks for horror movie fans

"Hellraiser" creator Clive Barker has made a name with another horror cult film.There is talk of "Nightbreed" which in Germany under the title "Cabal - The breeding of the Night" has become known.With the licensed Nightbreed masks you the horror veteran the honor and doing well at Halloween a good figure!

Official Nightbreed masks Dr.Decker look

A central role in the gruesome tale of "Nightbreed" plays the sinister psychiatrist, as the you up with the licensed Dr.Dress Decker mask can.Horror movie lovers and fans of high quality Halloween masks are certainly going to enjoy the iconic movie merchandise.

Nightbreed masks from Clive Barker's cult film Cabal

No less than David Cronenberg slipped directed by Clive Barker in the role of the killer Dr.Decker - though you your passion for bloody movie genre want to express horror movie themed parties and Halloween & Carnival, the Nightbreed masks are made for you!

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