Iron Maiden

Attention heavy metal fans! Make sure you do not miss our officially licensed Iron Maiden merchandise such as the Eddie mask! Order online at low prices!

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Licensed Iron Maiden masks

Original Iron Maiden masks for Heavy Metal Fans

If you like heavy metal, can not ignore the veteran Iron Maiden - the British band has been for decades the success traveled bands in Heavy Metal genre.On covers and stage performances always this is their mascot Eddie, this is also the template for our official Iron Maiden masks!

Iron Maiden Eddie masks with motif

Our Iron Maiden masks with the undead Edward the Head Motif are high quality and are suitable both for costuming as well as ingenious Collectible and adornment for your Heavy Metal showcase including disk Kolletkion.

Celebrate Halloween in style of Iron Maiden masks

Not every music direction is consistent with the Halloween motif - in contrast to heavy metal, which is the perfect sound for a Halloween party with their sinister sounds.And with the Iron Maiden masks you can easily also stylishly dress to !.
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