Clive Barker's horror movie "Hellraiser" was a milestone in the history of horror film. For all fans of Pinhed and his Cenobites we stock a great selection of officially licensed costumes and accessories!

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Hellraiser Costumes and Pinhead Mask

Officially licensed Hellraiser costumes and accessories for Pinhead fans

With "Hellraiser" author and director Clive Barker created a ground-breaking horror film with lust and pain as the main themes of the highly atmospherical opus and its sequels. In nearly all films Doug Bradley stars as the central character Pinhead whose physical presence and striking sayings have long turned him into a horror film icon. For all fans of the cult movie we stock officially licensed Hellraiser Costumes, the Pinhead Mask and other accessories and collectibles.

Celebrate Halloween in a Pinhead Mask

Authentic looking horror film costumes are always a highlight on Halloween. With our Hellraiser Costumes, the Pinhead Mask and the Torture Belt you can transform yourself into the infamous Lead Cenobite and cause a bloodbath among your Halloween party guests.

Hellraiser Costumes for a pain and pleasure-experience

The Hellraiser Puzzle Box is the ill-omened accessory that allows the Cenobites to have access to our reality. With the Puzzle Box you too can try and call the Cenobites. If you prefer to turn yourself into one of them we recommend our Scorn Cenobite Costume. Officially licensed merchandise like the Pinhead Mask or the Cenobite Costumes are guaranteed to make evey horror film fan's heart miss a beat. Order now one of our Clive Barker Hellraiser Costumes and the matching Pinhead Mask online!

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