Turn yourself into the legendary first person shooter character with our officially licensed products.

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Licensed Halo Costumes

Official Halo Costumes and Accessories

FPS gamers beware! For all fans of cult Ballerspielen we offer a wide range of licensed Halo costumes with which you outest you as a true follower of the game series, and can also provide on Halloween & Carnival your fighter proof!

Halo costumes, Helmets & Armor Gloves

Besides Halo costumes of different nature, we also have the matching helmets and armor gloves Releases - eventually you have to be perfectly equipped to ensure the survival of mankind for the war against the aliens.

Blue & Red Spartan costumes

Among the most brave super soldiers that have emerged from the Spartan-programs include the Blue & Red Spartan elite units.With the appropriate Halo costumes and accessories you too part of the United Nations Space Command.,
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