Michael Myers masks & Michael Myers costume of the serial killer in US Horrorschocker "Halloween" by John Carpenter - Order your Halloween Michael Myers mask manufactured by original templates, a must for all fans of Michael Myers

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Michael Myers & Halloween - The night of horror

John Carpenter's "Halloween"

One of the most famous serial killer of US horror movie is Michael Myers, in 1978 by its creator John Carpenter with the film "Halloween - The night of horror" was released at the cinema audience.The then six-year-old Michael Myers brought in on Halloween night as a clown dressed up his 17-year-old sister Judith to with a kitchen knife.Then admitted to the psychiatric ward, he spends there - without saying a word - in the coming years with the psychiatrist Dr.Loomis before him as a 21-year-old of the outbreak from the sanatorium succeed.Practical for Halloween Anniversary versa Michael Myers with a white, rigid mask to Haddonfield back, there to complete his gruesome work.The white, expressionless mask Michael Myers heard since the movie release of "Halloween" to the top Halloween and horror masks.

The Michael Myers mask

For a Halloween mask for classics is that even after several generations has cult status, things have to be.The Michael Myers mask is in addition to the Scream mask and Jason Hockey Mask of a few masks that have managed that.The original Michael Myers Mask was made for reasons of economy of an already existing Captain Kirk mask.For the rigid, unemotional Michael Myers mask eyes cutouts was enlarged at the William Shatner mask easily and the whole mask painted white.Finish was until now famous horror mask of horror movie history.To date, there are several Michael Myers to buy masks, which have in part on the quality of extreme differences.We have only really original licensed Michael Myers masks in stock for you.There are, for example, the Michael Myers Mask Halloween 2 Which is made exactly according to the original templates and in even the smallest details, as seen, for example, the insertion of a syringe needle, or the Michael Myers mask, which was made inspired by Rob Zombie's sequel.With a total of up to 14 different Michael Myers masks this horror belongs mask determined to the most available in different variants Halloween masks.

Michael Myers as a Halloween Costume

That is close to Halloween an appearance as a public danger serial killer Michael Myers, is for horror fans without question.Mask up but with a Michael Myers mask a cult figure of the horror film.As costume accessories we have in addition to the Michael Myers mask be murder weapon like the Michael Myers kitchen knife and Michael Myers scalpel and the Michael Myers Overall Halloween 2 To you therefore suitable to dress.With a little fake blood you can not underline your appearance as a deranged killer Halloween.

Disguise yourself now as Michael Myers and let live the legend of the horror film!

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